In attendance: Chrissy, Nathan, Laura, Katie, Lea, Jake

@MIT: Gabi, Eesh


  • EB + CH (4 mins) - Winter Retreat
    1. 30 people are signed up, with enough spots in cars!
    2. Eesh and Chrissy are in the middle of generals, so planning will mostly happen in February
    3. Using WHOI Social Fund, charging people ($20 or so), money will go to reimbursing drivers and food, and there is a $250 cleaning fee
    4. Tell people whether or not they have a spot in the end of January
    5. Most people signed up are first years or second years
    6. Make sure everyone knows what they are getting into if they agree to camp
  • EB (2 mins) - MIT Office Space
    1. We now have office space in Walker Memorial (Building 50), not sure how big it is or how it works
    2. Reps make sure to communicate with everyone else about what they did/are doing when communicating with MIT organizations
    3. Eesh will announce it to everyone once we figure out how it works
  • EB (<1 min) - did we send LF an overview from last years reps for nominations?
    1. How did people get nominated to be a rep last year? Word of mouth, emails asking for nomination
  • LF - I emailed the Steinbach Scholar instructions and email template on 1/4/2017. Please review in its entirety and start planning. I’m happy to help answer questions after you have read the instructions.
    1. Once the scholar agrees to come, call them! Make sure everyone understands the expectations/how it works
    2. Departments: MG+G, CO, AOPE (Kevin already sent his email! Good job!)
  • LF - Duplicate student theses have been pulled from the shelves in the Student Center. Please leave as is for the time being. APO will work with the library and Education Coordinators to identify a new home.
    1. A-L is in one corner, the rest is in the other room
    2. Lots of shelving space freed up
  • LF - Start planning the Winter Meeting (solicit agenda items from your peers). Please send dates (Tues or Thurs) and agenda to me so I can run these by Ed and Jim for their availability. Meghan Jones organized this last year. The meeting is usually scheduled in February.
    1. Pick some agenda items, schedule it, email Lea and Ed and Jim, order food
    2. Gabi Farfan ran the meeting last year, Meghan Jones did the behind the scenes work
    3. Chrissy will take minutes or facilitate on the day of, Katie and Laura will plan behind the scenes
    4. Let’s make it on a Thursday
    5. Italian food last year?
    6. When you ask the students for topics, it is helpful to send them the agenda from last year
    7. Chrissy/facilitator should watch the clock and make sure to not spend too long on any one topic
  • JF - who want to help with open house shenanigans?
    1. Gabi, Jake, and Eesh
    2. Make sure to communicate with EAPS to make sure there is agreement on who is doing what
  • CH (1 min) - account reminders
    1. We are fine, still have plenty of money
    2. Need to have people plan some events using ODGE funds
    3. Chrissy will send out a call for activities
  • CH + LW (5 min) - a. Buffins order for Spring Semester: discuss if we should add 1 more cream cheese tub from Cape Cod Bagel to the existing order vs. purchasing at grocery store
    1. Not going to cut out muffins even though we have some baked goods. Laura will be away for 5 weeks, so we won’t get baked goods then :(
    2. Buffins invoice from Fall 2016 semester? Ask them about it when we call for the new order
    3. Laura will place the new order with Cape Cod Bagel for Spring 2017. See if they have a bigger cream cheese size? Laura is also willing to buy cream cheese at the grocery store
    4. Donuts?